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Chapter 165

December 6, 2013
Posted at 4:20 pm

I figured I would update everybody on the schedule, and as long as I was doing that, post a chapter.

I have several more weeks of writing to go, and am working diligently. I have gotten several good ideas from readers (of which at least half I already was working on, but that just means we are all on the same path.) Some of the ideas I got are good, but impossible. Solve global warming - Carl is a billionaire, not a trillionaire, and billions of people won't go along with this anyway. He can raise awareness, but he can't fix it in two years. Nor can he go back to the Moon and Mars, or cure cancer and AIDS.

Other issues can't be fixed without enough time passing. In the mid-2000s gay marriage was still very unpopular and there was no consensus to decriminalize pot. He can't do these things on his own. To put it bluntly, a lot of old people will have to die off before we get some of these problems fixed.

In any case, the ideas have been helpful. I am still writing, and will probably be back to report on the status in another few weeks. Thanks.