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Sibling Magus - Post Thanksgiving

December 4, 2013
Posted at 12:16 am
Updated: December 5, 2013 - 8:08 am

I hope everyone's holiday went well. My was ... well, eventful... as in...

Tuesday: Pick up the twins for the holidays (I have boy-girl twins, 12yo and fun to be with)
Wednesday: help Mom make her turkey dinner, entertain everyone who showed up, try to spend some time with the twins.
Thursday: Go to cousin's thanksgiving meal, go to uncle's thanksgiving meal, go to Volunteer FD thanksgiving meal (yeah, on thanksgiving, cuz we have meetings on thursday nights) --- I've never been so tired of turkey.
Friday: Rest, and spend time with the twins.
Saturday: Take the twins home (so none of us feel rushed by taking them home the day before school).
Sunday: Suffer from 24-hour bug that won't allow you to keep anything on your stomach!!!
Monday: Recover from bug, eat leftovers.
Tuesday: Start writing again!!!

So, today, I finished the first draft to chapter 19 and sent it off to the editors. I got some feedback on chapter 18 and made some changes. The editors are looking that one over too (it'll be updated once everything is ironed out). And I'm already half-way through writing the first draft of chapter 20. So, even after everything I've eaten and suffered, I'm not slowing down any time soon.

I do have to continue to ask for support though. My internet bill is due: $65.00. I've had a couple of donations, but haven't reached that goal yet. If anyone can help out, I would appreciate it. Send donations through paypal via my email address (

Thank you everyone. Happy Holidays!


(2 days later)

Since I haven't received any donations, I'll keep working on chapters and communicating with my editors as possible until I can post again. Thank you for reading.