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Progress report - nano victory

December 2, 2013
Posted at 1:45 am

I had a great Nano and November. It was tremendous fun to revisit Scott MacIntyre and Fort Stockton.

I powered through the month. Except for a brief lull in the second week, I hit or exceeded my daily word total and 'won' Nano handily.

What's that mean?

It means I'm past halfway and closing in on the ending.

I want to start publishing chapters before the New Year, but I think editing will push that. I've got to finish the darned thing, make my own editing/rewriting pass, and then send it off to let fresh eyes look at it. Then I look at those suggested changes and evaluate them. After that, you fine folks get a look.

I'm at the frustrating point where I really want people to read the latest stuff, but know it's not ready yet.

My 2014 resolution is to quit predicting publication dates altogether. The only absolute I have is when I start writing, not when it ends <g>.

Fortunately, there are no hard deadlines in the world of amateur writing.

Oh yeah, you might have noticed that I'm not answering any email. Why? An hour answering email is 500 ~ 1000 words I didn't write toward the book.

I'm hoping that most readers will accept a finished book 2 in lieu of response.