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Questions from the Gallery

December 1, 2013
Posted at 5:33 pm

I have been getting a few questions (along with the complaints of my Then and Than mix-ups) about the writers Diary s and Journals. Who will and who won't?

First the who will.
Definitely some more from Nancy. Her evolution is not yet finished.
Definitely some more from Melanie. We will see more of her as a surrogate older sister for Cindy. And a future end state with her and one of our other characters. A suprise that isn't.
Carla? Oh yes. Both her and Juan have their tale to tell. Both During and some after Findley.
Carol? Perhaps. She has tales to tell about Life and Elizabeth that are insights of two very close friends. And besides, my Ex Wife is a lawyer and so I know how she thinks.
Vicky? No. I think her story is finished.
Candy. Sorry, but I cannot do Candy. And here is why.
I knew a "male" Candy. Knew him for over 40 years.
In all the time I knew him, he always knew "the right thing to do at the right time to do it". I could never see all of the things he did by instinct. But he saw them, and was aware of them, and did the right thing.

I asked him frequently "How do you see that? And how did you know?" Because it was exasperating. And he never gave me a satisfactory explanation.

I can get into the minds of all of my characters except that one. I can get their emotions, and their reactions. Candy is an open book. She sees what has to be done, does it, and moves on. And is always right about it.

And besides. She didn't leave me a journal.