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Falling Behind, but moving ahead

November 25, 2013
Posted at 9:30 am

I know, a weird combination.

I am falling a bit behind a 50K pace on any one story for the month, so I won't achieve the NaNoWriMo goal of a single 50K novel completed. (not that anything I write ends up only 50K words anymore.)

However, I found that I needed a short mental break on my fantasy tale, so I put time into Swarm Cycle stories. One has grown by 10K words and added a couple of chapters. The other is a new tale that demanded some attention and appears to be my primary work for the week. I guess I'd call is a "coming of age meets the pleasures of having a good CAP score." tale with my usual twists and hopefully a few surprising ones.

Beyond that, work is work (and I still hate it.) Fighting an oh so wonderful cold, which doesn't help me stay focused. And wishing I got more entertaining e-mails to respond to. I write partly because it's a kind of social activity for me, especially when people e-mail me to ask questions, make suggestions or just bug me about one of my stories.

Hope everyone is looking forward to Turkey Day. (funny, I'm even having turkey this year, usually I go with Cornish Game Hens since I'm a bachelor. :P )