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It's a brig

November 24, 2013
Posted at 11:30 am

Sailing ships in the Royal Navy…when they had sail…were classified by the number of masts, how long the captain had been a captain and like that. At 175 feet, with an ass as broad as my mother-in-law, Pretty Penny is bigger than many Frigates…and nearly as long as a third rate ship of the line.

But…and there is always a but… Pretty Penny has two masts…her rig is Ketch…but her designation is Brig…Brig of War…if David had been a simple Master and Commander, the Penny would be a Sloop of War no matter how many masts she had. But David was a Captain in the War…merchant marine. (David did not play it safe with his watch.) Sunk three times…and killed all three…well…sorta. He escaped using the watch the first time…the second convoy his ship sunk but he was picked up by the tanker that was his third sinking…Her Captain is the Owner of the Restaurant in Sebewaing…he has a watch, too.

So Pretty Penny's official designation…stepping back to the rules that apply…is Her Majesty's Nevis and Saint Christopher's Brig Pretty Penny. But I refuse to type that two fingered…She's the HMN&SK PRETTY PENNY