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Racing the Storm

November 23, 2013
Posted at 8:22 pm

So what have you done with your November? I can't believe it is almost the end of the month. I have all the chapters for "The Props Master 1: Ritual Reality" uploaded and cued-up ready to post. (25 chapters total) With luck, next week the eBook will be available on Kindle and Nook. Thanks to those of you who support the author by buying the book even though you can read it here for free.

I've been running in front of a southwestern snowstorm the past two days. I managed to escape Taos, NM between storms, but drove through a total of four snowstorms pulling my trailer to Amarillo, TX where the fifth storm has settled in on us and is not expected to lift until Monday. I'm snug in my trailer with heat, electric, and indoor plumbing--and enough wine to last a few days. I pick up my daughter on Wednesday at the airport and then we're driving down toward Lubbock to have Thanksgiving with my sisters.

But of course, that isn't the news I really wanted to bring. My next serial is finished. I wrote "The End" this evening. This one will be posted in ten parts comprising 33 chapters and a little over a 100,000 words starting near Christmas. The new novel is titled "Redtail" and is my Erotic Paranormal Romance Western Mystery. I'm sending it off to Old Rotorhead for editing tonight. I'm pretty pleased with this new time-travel romance. I hope you'll have as much fun reading it as I've had writing it.