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Trudi - 5 & 6

November 18, 2013
Posted at 11:34 am

So, finally, Trudi and Simon started doing what they were told again. Unfortunately, in the process, T5 got out of hand, so it's been split down, with T5 introducing the last new character, as well as introducing Simon to the surprisingly daring Jemma.

The new T6 will be the fallout of what happens with Jemma, as well as Simon's continuing struggle with what he at least acknowledges to himself is the reality of some of his feelings about Trudi. Appearances to the contrary, and as will be shown, he is not immune to his own sexual urges...

So, T5 should make the light of day in the next week or two once the final readthrough is done, with T6 probably before year's end.