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Serious error in chapter 51

November 17, 2013
Posted at 7:00 pm

I fixed it…Jake was from 1988…everybody on the boat except Chris and Sarah were from 1988. Chris and Sarah were from 1963.
When it was time for Juniors bunch…including the Twins wives... to go home, Junior made sure no one was touching the boat and reset the Time.. The boat was outside the sphere of island return and simply reappeared in 1988. Julie was left in 1963…unless
Tim rescues her. I guess he'd better do that. Consider it done…thank you for your careful reading…I plain forgot how I was going to do that. They weren't supposed to lose anyone and they weren't supposed to pick anyone up. Like I have said many times…I am muse driven.

Yeah, sure. Blame it all on me.