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Changes and feedback to Dee STP 17

November 16, 2013
Posted at 9:48 am

First off, I've posted an updated chapter 17. I started out intending simply to correct a typo but as I reread the chapter I felt the urge to make a few minor editorial changes that will make it a little more enjoyable for future first-time readers.

Anyone rereading it probably won't notice the difference.

I'm also glad to say. I got some wonderful feedback from someone who'd recently, I think, discovered this whole series, starting back with Carl Naked in School.

He "complained" that I was "a failure" because he got so involved in the story he hadn't properly "appreciated" the stuff he'd started reading it for. You know -- the GOOD stuff.

I was delighted to be such a "failure," of course.

I was also pleased to be able to point out that now that he'd gotten the story out of the way he could still go back and properly "appreciate" the stuff he'd originally been reading it for.

Can I say I'm in reruns, like Law and Order?