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A short story, print and ebooks

November 15, 2013
Posted at 6:06 pm

Hello all.

Well, you now have a new short story. Trite, but I had fun writing it. Next up will probably be a return to our favorite Poles, once I work some things out. Maybe.

In other news, I now have the print versions of A Leader Born and The Magic of Bells. Very sweet :) That makes six books on my shelf. Looks impressive, let me tell you! They're for sale at my bookstore if anyone's interested. I also now have epub versions of all my books, apart from Where Friendship Leads, available. I've found, like with the print versions, my readers tend to not like buying things so I've made all of them available to anyone who makes a donation or uses Patreon. So, they're there for those who want them.