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another weekly update

November 14, 2013
Posted at 8:52 pm

Fine, its a day late. It should have been yesterday.

So where am I? (besides in front of my computer.)

Well on my one story that I'm working on for publication, I've added words until it now stands at 259K words. It's not quite 3K words a day, but its close. Someday hopefully I'll be telling everyone I'm about to post it.

I did work on one of my swarm cycle stories. Adding about 3K words to it. I'm debating breaking this into parts so I can post sections. The story will have nice "waypoints" where pausing the story would not necessarily break the narrative. However, I'll probably wait until I've added a few more words.

I still am working on other ideas. I had another swarm cycle story demand a bit of attention and I also have some more non-erotic tales that I'm hoping to develop.

So that's where the week is. Feedback as always will receive a reply within 24 hours. I enjoy responding to intelligent comments and questions. Suggestions may be considered or ignored depending on their nature. :P