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Missed it by quite a bit.

November 13, 2013
Posted at 3:21 am

"Cindy's Journal" was not supposed to be a big or new view on Classy Conversions. It was supposed to be a character study on the evolution of a character that was not really fully described in the main work. I guess I fell down here on that.

I have been reading excerpts from Journals for years, and one thing they have in common is that they can chart the evolution of a person, through thoughts and experiences. And for some of the characters, it is pretty significant.

Cindy, Nancy, Carla and Melody all make significant changes in their social behavior, and you don't get a real view into how they evolve.
For most people expecting a block of new material, this is a disappointment. And as such, I think I will ask that the story be deleted, as it won't satisfy the real desires of the public here.