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Oops, I did it again...

November 11, 2013
Posted at 6:18 pm

Maybe somebody should write a song about that.

One of the little facts of my life is that I spend a lot of time on the road.

Another fact is that my memory is not quite as lossless as it was a few years ago.

A third fact is that my editor sends me the edited copies of chapters I write, and I slide them into storage.

The collision of all those facts is that I forget I have an edited chapter ready to post. That's why today when I went to post Chapter 35 of Community the site's nifty submission wizard told me I was posting the 34th chapter. Accordingly, I lined up a few neurons to see what the issue was, and found a chapter that's been sitting there waiting for me to get my defecation consolidated. I'm posting it today.

And four-plus decades ago, I stood before a spiffily-dressed Army drill sergeant and HE told me to get my defecation consolidated.

In America today it's Veterans' Day. In a few other places, it's Remembrance Day or something similar. For me, it's a time to remember brothers in arms, those that went before (Yes, Dad, I remember) and those who came after me, including those forever young, lives lost in defense of their country. I salute you, brothers!