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Getting Involved with my Virtual Friends

November 10, 2013
Posted at 10:29 am

As you know if you read here regularly, I'm writing another novel during NaNoWriMo. This is day 10 and I have a little over 61,000 words with another ten or fifteen thousand to go before the book is finished. I get pretty involved with my characters in case you haven't noticed, and I tend to let everything else go while I'm writing. Hence, no post here for a while.

On the up side, I've had a few marvelous adventures, as well. I've followed GraySapien's stories for some time and over the past week I've been in the heart of it. I crossed the Transmountain Drive north of El Paso twice. Saw the UTEP campus and looked across the river at Juarez. The El Paso trip also got me thinking about the great stories of Joe J about El Paso. On the way down, I went to see some incredible ruins and in Mountainair, NM saw a little antique shop that was called "Somewhere In Time." Of course, that set me off thinking about MattHHelm and right on time I got a new chapter of "Pocket Watch." Matt sent me a message that said that was where he got his!

When I pushed past El Paso, headed east, I entered the Guadalupe Mountains and saw the Butterfield Stage Stop that has figured into a number of stories. A hike through McKittrick Canyon showed an incredible vista of lush vegetation that W. Pratt called the most beautiful place in Texas. It was on north from there and I allowed myself to descend the 750 feet into Carlsbad Caverns. I don't do well with being underground, but this was an experience not to be missed. Pretty beautiful, by damn!

Finally, the weekend has found me in Roswell, NM. I've managed to avoid having my characters kidnapped by aliens and it has been a productive (15,000-word) weekend so far. I expect I'll get close to the end of this opus before Monday morning.

So there's a little of what is going on out here in the Southwest. I'm looking forward to my January excursion down to Fort Worth and on to Waco for more of the terrain and history that is in the stories we read. More soon!