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Chapter 160

November 9, 2013
Posted at 1:21 pm

Sorry about the delay. I am visiting my family in Baltimore for a few days. They aren't anywhere near as crazy as Carl's. One amusing moment came when we were driving over to my sister's for dinner & my mother commented we could travel by 'country roads.' I had to laugh at this, since a country road in northern Baltimore County is paved and painted. In upstate New York, it's gravel!

I generally got positive reviews on how Carl handled Katrina. A number of the locals agreed with my characterization of Blanco as a lightweight. A couple referred to her as everybody's favorite grandmother and out of her depth. Most people who knew Nagin agreed with the characterization of him as well. In short order he would end up in jail on graft charges.

One reader complained that Carl fired the Engineer general because the storm went to Category 5, & he only promised the levees would hold until Category 3. I did not fully explain that by the time the storm hit land, it had dropped back down to a 3 level. In addition, his comment that any breaches would be "isolated" and that problems had been "taken into consideration" were obviously wrong. I added an edit about the storm dropping in intensity by landfall to clear up the issue.

One technical error was that Shreveport airport was too short to land a 747, Air Force One. However, it is large enough to land a 757, the regular Air Force Two. There is a spare at Andrews, and Air Force One is the designation of any plane the President flies on, so the 757 gets a temporary promotion. I uploaded an edit, & then learned that a 747 could land at Barksdale Air Force Base, across the river from Shreveport. Then I had to do another edit. Some days you just can't win!

I got a huge amount of info and stories about what people saw or lived through in the South during Katrina and Rita. I could have written a book on the storms and their aftermaths, but I just can't afford the chapters. I tried to add some of this information in 160, but that is basically where it is ending. Thank you to everybody who sent me info. It was appreciated.