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The Sarah and Pete 'Reality show'

November 9, 2013
Posted at 10:09 am

Thanks to everyone who read my stories after the return of my muse. As some have guessed, many of my stories are fictionalized fact.
But Sarah and Pete are, in addition, fiction based on real time events. What you are seeing is what's happening between me and my first love.. 'fantasized', but given the twist that she sees these fantasies as I write them.
For good reason, the fantasies will probably never be acted out but they COULD and WOULD be, given a nudge over the threshold of propriety.
As it is, we live only 7 miles apart. She fully knows and tells me she would be vulnerable, and so am I.
We have shared our wet dreams without either phone or net sex. Proving there IS a 'vibe' present.

regards to all,