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Real life football in Paradise

November 2, 2013
Posted at 3:52 pm
Updated: November 2, 2013 - 3:58 pm

Well... really I mean Lancaster County, PA.

Five Lancaster County teams made into the sixteen team PIAA AAA District 3 playoff bracket this season. They are:

#2 Manheim Central (aka Central - I know not much of a disguise here)
#3 Cocalico (aka Norlanco)
#6 Lancaster Catholic (not in my series since they recently stepped up after dominating AA in the state for half a decade)
#11 Lampeter-Strasberg (aka LS)
#15 Garden Spot (aka Eastern)

Next Friday's playoff games -
Cocalico will face Gettysburg
Lancaster Catholic faces Lampeter-Strasburg
Manheim Central against Garden Spot

The fictional Eastern High School in my stories is not based on the Garden Spot teams of the past decade but on their ancestors back in the 1970s. Those teams went 0 for five or six years - no victories at all. The recent Garden Spot teams are better, making the playoffs three or four times. Every time their opponent was Manheim Central. Every time, Central sent them home in defeat. Maybe this year will be different... maybe Lucy will really hold the ball and let Charlie Brown kick it. Hope springs eternal.

The District 3 receiving yards leader is a young man from Palmyra High School (aka Cornwall). His receivers coach? Real-life Amish Lightning, Graham Zug, late of Penn State.

I want to thank everyone who wrote me about my current story, A Reluctant Hero. I read everyone's comments even though I have not had time to respond to each of you individually yet.

I have had a number of people write to remind me that this World War III is not possible. I realize this. The story is a fantasy set in Al Steiner's A Perfect World/Greenies universe. Our satellites wouldn't miss the fact the Chinese Army were two or three times larger than it really is. The Chinese Army (or any other army, including ours) is NOT capable of conquering Siberia and Asiatic Russia in the dead of a Siberian winter in a matter of weeks. The Chinese and the Japanese are more likely to shoot at each other than to ally with each other. There is no way to logistically maintain a modern mechanized army from Manchuria through Siberia, Alaska, the British Columbia Rockies to Vancouver. This is a fantasy.

We will not be seeing a Chinese Army come pouring out of the Canadian Rockies outside Vancouver. Sit back and enjoy the rest of the story.

Doug Fox