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November 2, 2013
Posted at 1:08 pm

I'm a bit confused!

I've worked out how to look at the detailed scores for my stories, and for some reason I've been give some '1's when most people seem happy enough. Looking at the graphs, the '1' is certainly an outlier.

Okay, so the description of the cricket match in 'The Summer Holidays' didn't go down too well with some people, but I am trying to give some topical background as well; the first piece of feedback I received said that they'd like just a tiny bit of story with all the sex.

I reckon that my problem could be that 'Huw' must have recognised himself, and is trying to take some revenge by voting me down. If it is you, 'Huw', you were a juvenile little tosspot then, and it looks like you haven't matured any in the last forty years.

But, to the rest of you who are taking the trouble to vote or to leave feedback, and who are giving me encouraging scores of seven to ten; I say "thank you so much". I'm delighted that so many of you seem to be enjoying my little series.

Knowing that I'm giving you something to smile about makes it all worthwhile.

And 'Huw', you can just bog off.