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Initial Blog Entry

November 1, 2013
Posted at 9:44 am

There, that's a good descriptive title for my initial blog entry, isn't it?

As my friend cmsix put it before he retired to that great porn site in the sky, "Everyone nowadays has a goddam blog, so I guess I should too. I don't know what to put in it, though." Uh, how about all the stuff you rant to me about, man? Why not let everyone enjoy that? He's gone now, so I guess it's my turn.
These first few entries should have been posted when I submitted my first story, a year or so ago now, so please read it with that time-frame in mind. I was trying to avoid having a blog. It just seemed so pretentious to me. Hey, everybody! Here's what I'm thinking today! The more I write, though, the more useful it becomes to have an outside-of-the-story communication channel with all three of my readers, so dammit here's my goddam blog.