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Any interest in a print version of A Leader Born?

October 30, 2013
Posted at 9:36 pm

OK, let's try this. I've offered print versions of my stories for awhile, but have not had any takers. I've only printed four copies of each, for myself and friends. I'm about to print the third Bells book, mostly so my sister can finally read it (she won't read books on the computer, as she's on the computer all day for work). For the fun of it, I decided to see if A Leader Born was long enough to justify a print run, and... I think so. 157 pages, before I go in and get the chapter breaks sorted out. So, given I have five time the readers this time, is anyone interested in a copy? No idea on price, as I'll have to see what Printtopress is going to charge. Let me know.