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October 29, 2013
Posted at 6:07 pm

'The Legend of Eli Crow-Part Four-The Young Bucks'

Chapter 74

Has been submitted for posting on Storiesonline @

Pecan Ridge Cattle Company
Indian Territory
April 1, 1889

The Young Bucks and the Crow Girls arrive at Pecan
Ridge, on their way to Little Tree, Texas. They meet Jud McClanahan,
the ex-cavalry lieutenant who Eli has invited to come join them during the Land Run
on the Unassigned Lands.

They spend the night there, and the Crow Girls find a friend in young
Martha Wharton, who will provide the answers to a lot of their intimate
questions about adult life.

They want to know in detail, the things at which their mommas had only hinted.


I have included a map of Indian Territory↔ Oklahoma Territory in this submission.
(as suggested by Blackirish, one of my editors)

This map indicates the dual Territories which existed from May 2, 1890 until
November 17, 1907 ↔ The date Oklahoma became the 46th State of the Union.

The map identifies the approximate locations of:

Tulsa, IT - Vinita, IT - Ft. Smith, Arkansas - Ft. Worth, Texas - Abilene, Texas -
Little Tree, Texas - Crow Ridge Cattle Co. - Pecan Ridge Cattle Co. - Crow Valley -
Unassigned Lands.

Also identified are the American Indian Tribes and their lands which existed
during this period of Indian Territory.

(The map is not scale, but still gives the reader a good idea where the towns,
border states, and cattle ranches are located ------ that are mentioned in
'The Legend of Eli Crow'.)