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Catalyst Book 6 available as "Pre-Order"

October 28, 2013
Posted at 10:22 pm

"Building A Legacy", the final volume of "The Catalyst" series, is now available for 'pre-order'. For those of you who missed it when I did it with "Touring Under Pressure", that means you can read the sample chapters, look at the cover page, and order a copy. When the book goes on sale (Dec. 16, 2014), your account will be charged and you can download the book whenever you want.

I do this for two reasons, 1) It allows the various bookstores (like B&N, Apple, etc.) to get a copy readers can buy it from whomever they want, and 2) It helps bump up the number of initial downloads, helping promote the book a little bit.

The reason I put it so far out is--once again--twofold. 1) It gives me time to finish polishing the book up while giving the 'distributors' (the various online book sellers) time to get copies of it, and 2) it gives me time to finish off my next book, which is already partially edited but got shelved since it was holding up this book.

I'll update everyone when it goes on sale (in case you don't want to pre-order). If you want to be included on my 'update list', you can register on my webpage.

You can find the link to the smashword site for the book on my webpage.