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October 25, 2013
Posted at 10:45 pm

I just noticed today that 'A Leader Born' hit 100,000 downloads. It's a meaningless number, but a high one, so I just thought I'd mention it. The actual per chapter readership is now up to about 9,200.

I've started the next chapter. It's mentally all worked out, but writing time has been scarce. I do now have an ending for this part of the story. I always knew at what point this tale would finish, what actions would bring us to a conclusion, but now I have what will be the final scene fixed in my mind. It will answer some questions, but give you more, and lead into the next story should I decide to do one (I probably will, but I promise nothing).

Actually, that's going to be the next fun experiment. Despite the good readership for The Bells of Tanah when I posted it (2,400 by the final chapter), only half that returned for the sequel. How many of you will be back for the further adventures of King James? We shall see!