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Chapter 157

October 25, 2013
Posted at 2:19 pm

I have had a major string of typos involving John Dean and Howard Dean. John was White House Counsel under Richard Nixon and Howard was the former Democratic Governor of Vermont. Totally different people. I can only claim a brain freeze when I am writing about Howard. I think I have the mix-ups fixed, but make no promises.

I really, really, really thought about taking a break for a few weeks after this chapter, but I figured a cliffhanger like that might cause readers to hunt me down and beat me to death with their computers. Just be glad I didn't delay over a weekend.

More than a few comments about how it would be unrealistic that a bastard son never became known until now. I think I have that answered in this chapter. Lots of readers went 'Ah hah!' about my request for help on family law. Now you know why. Special thanks to baochou, stjoe56, jimburt3, and davidh. Now, in case I ever have illegitimate children of my own, I'll have the family law equivalent of OJ's Dream Team to help me.

Curiously, somebody didn't know what the comment about Carter building houses meant. For those confused, since Carter left office he has been heavily involved in Habitats for Humanity, a big chunk of which is involved in building houses for poor people.