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Buford - from Family Feud

October 24, 2013
Posted at 9:34 am

One of the favorite side characters from Family Feud is Buford.

He is very memorable because he is also very quirky. I like to write quirky characters that people might be able to say "Okay, I know someone a lot like that".

In the story Buford is a very rich and very popular man. You get the impression he got a large cash settlement and then bought strip clubs and adult novelty stores that made him rich.

He seems like someone who was once very lucid and intelligent who had an accident and lost his marbles - and is now sort of a happy psychotic. Playing Air-guitar and being overly excited by the simplest of acts of kindness.

He is based kind of on a real person.

The real person basis was a master electrician. He did indeed zap himself.

He lost his mind - but he became very happy just like the Buford in this one.

He would periodically become lucid and he could still wire stuff up but he seemed simple minded to most people. He had no memory and could be easily taken advantage "You didn't pay"

"Oh here you go"

"You still didn't pay"

"Okay here you go" and they would double and triple charge him all the time.

He wore Panama jack hats and Hawaiian shirts just like the character in my story

He got a 180K+ settlement for what happened to him - whatever industrial accident

Which he drank up and spent at the titty bars - tipping 100 dollar bills

Everyone was the real Buford's friend. The entire club would come around slapping him on the back all the girls were friendly

Then when Buford ran out of money - he was thrown out on his ass - no one wanted to know him.

So in my story - this Buford had a photographic memory so he would never forget things that made him happy and he was rich so that he would never run out of friends.

I wonder if that should have been an easter egg in the FF Companion.