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A general update

October 21, 2013
Posted at 9:19 pm

Hi all.

Well, my short horror story has proven two things. First, as I suspected, my new found readers aren't going to follow me into stories with other subject matter. The Well is getting the usual readership numbers. Second, it wouldn't have won the contest regardless :) Ah, well. I liked the story, and that's what maters.

A Leader Born goes on. A new chapter will be coming in the next day or two, most likely. We are coming to the end, which is good. My interest is starting to wane, as often is the case. My self imposed 20 chapter limit on stories is a good one, and this tale will end before then. For those now screaming, "but it won't all be wrapped up!", yes, that's true. This has always been both a self contained tale, and one that could be the start of a series. We'll have to see what comes next. I will say that a break will be likely...