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Been a while, but I've done some stuff...

October 17, 2013
Posted at 4:18 am

...especially of late. I wanted to explain the ending of "My Wicked Ways". I am not entirely sure if I won't do an alternate ending or not. It is, however, a useful lead-up in its present form to the idea that I now have about this post-apocalyptic world wherein the "Haven" colony is key to human survival. Mark thus emerges as its leader, both religious, cultural, political, etc. Not a tyrant of the John Calvin stripe, more a visionary of a new society, one inherently more just and freer than the old.

I might have an alternate ending where he's just a horny SOB like me. LOL.

Who knows? In case you wondered, yes, Anton's wife chose to take someone as a lover. Yes, it was Mark. Surprised? I doubt it. He's got a superhuman libido, remember?