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Chapter 154

October 15, 2013
Posted at 1:03 pm

It seems that everybody enjoys a good cliffhanger. A number of people made various comments concerning the marital state of my parents at the time of my birth, and a few others asked about my unnatural sexual interest in my mother. I'll have to have a few more good cliffhangers, maybe right before my next break.

I had a few comments about the actual locations of some of the Marines and ships in 2003. My response? Since we didn't have the massive interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the troop and ship deployments would have been very, very different. If I am sending in the Marines, why not let it be Charlie's bunch? Several readers reported that they had been present in Monrovia shortly after the Marines went in for real, and my description was relatively accurate. Another pointed out that in an urban setting, nobody would be wearing camo face paint, but they would be filthy and sweaty anyway, so it wasn't needed. That earned a quick edit.

There were some comments that it was pretty obvious that once Charlie and the Fort McHenry turned up off Monrovia, he was bound to get into the action, regardless of Carl's orders. That's probably true, but I couldn't find a conceivable way not to foreshadow things. Sorry if the surprise was ruined. I think I explain it in 154.

One interesting note: Now that the twins are at the University of Maryland, I just got my latest copy of Playboy and Maryland is ranked #10 on their top party schools. Is this life imitating art, or the other way around?