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I did not finish

October 11, 2013
Posted at 9:33 pm

Any way Peter had me maybe 10 mins after he came in the door. And he always wants to eat me out when we go to bed so for the first time ever. I had a very sick idea, when Micky came in me I stood up, and told him to go get Art and tell him what we just did so he can do me like that. You see Art has been after me for,ever trying to fuck me when Peter was home.
I stood there waiting. Art came in and wanted my asshole. I told him that I wanted to give a huge mouthful to fuck my pussy,
He did and when he finished I told him to go tell the others what I wanted to do and I would be out to the clubhouse.
He left and I went back to Peter, he asked if they found it, I told them that they found what they wanted.
I asked Peter if he would mind my going out with the boys and shoot some pool. He knows I get bored when he watches his races. He told me to go ahead.
Well I went out there walked in the door and good old Art had Jimmy watch the back door in case Peter came out and I took four more lovely loads. I have my kegals nice and tight. And while some is leaking out I have six full loads of sperm in me and I am reaking of sex as I now sit in my chair waiting for this damn race to end so we can go to bed.
I am already to let my loving husband know just how full of sperm his balls had when he took me four hours ago. I will let him know how I held it all inside me just to return it back to him.
When he bulks about my being so,messy, I tell him what I always do, I tell him, you made me messy, you have to clean me before you stick that in me again.
Fuck... I am so fucking bad and nasty tonight. And on top of all this, I am,sitting here telling all you nasty men what I just did and what I am going to do. I bet more than one of you are jacking off thinking of me and my cock hungry cunt.
The only way this could get any better would be to sit here writing back and fourth to a man while talking back and fourth with Peter.
Fuck where did all this shit come from tonight...