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what an exciting night

October 11, 2013
Posted at 9:07 pm

I am doing something tonight I never have even thought of doing ever.
Peter is sitting in his recliner watching the nascar race. Mick came in and asked if Peter had another keg because the one in the draft was empty and there wasn't one in the closet.
Now I know there is a fresh keg because it was delivered yesterday and I screwed him (as I always do) anyway Peter asked me if it was delivered yesterday and I if he (Peter) wanted I could show them where I put it.
Now when he watches his racing, he never moves.
I went out with Micky and before we made it out the back door he had his hand then his fingers under my dress and with his mouth to my ear told,me that he fond the keg, he and Art just wanted more. They were both in me when Peter drove in the driveway.
I was so excited. Peter was in the room behind us. I stopped in the doorway, turned around to face the kitchen and the door way looking at the back of Peters recliner.
I told Micky. Do me here, right here.
I bent forward holding,the sides of the doorway, Mick stood in the mud room lifted the back of my long dress and put it on my back. He entered me and taking hold of my breast, gave me his long hard cock . Talk about exciting.
I am a screamer at times and I bit my lip so hard from screaming out I drew blood.
You see peter