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Chapters 151 & 152

October 8, 2013
Posted at 3:51 pm

You get a special treat today, two - count 'em! - two chapters! Don't take this as any sort of trend. Chapter breaks come at places that seem the most natural, and in this case, 151 ended as a very short chapter. So, rather than take the ration of shit my readers would hand me, I am putting up 152 at the same time.

Speaking of rations of shit, ease up on the complaints about the punctuation of the conversations in the story. I am constantly getting emails about how I have to take out this comma or that comma. I don't care. As I have said before, when I was learning this stuff back in the mid-1960s, that is how I was taught. I am not about to change. It is automatic to me now. It may be wrong, but if you examine my stories, you will find I am consistent. I am not about to edit 150+ chapters! You are also not doing yourself any good by informing me that I am either stupid, or had stupid teachers, or went to low quality schools! I will bet my four college degrees against yours any day of the week! SO EASE THE FUCK UP!

What is the remainder of the schedule looking like? Right now I am working on 167. I envision this book ending around 170-172, somewhere in there. In other words, I am nearing the end of this journey. However, I also envision taking another break somewhere around 156 or 157. That will probably last about a month, and I will use that time for some major editing and rewrites. After that, I will probably be able to finish publishing.