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Peopleofwalmart fanfiction

October 8, 2013
Posted at 2:51 pm
Updated: October 8, 2013 - 2:53 pm

I have just posted my rough draft of chapter nine of Hard Times.

I tend to go back in after I post it and tweak it a little more - like a nipple that just hasn't quite got enough love.

Hard Times has a lot of personal observations in it. I grew up in a place like this setting and have known people a lot like these characters. I have distilled that into this story - in order to cut out the boring bits whenever possible.

I was told that this story is "People of Walmart Fan Fiction" if there is such a thing. Trailer Park peeping toms and flashers, dirty old men, sexy trashy sluts and rednecks. The kind of people you see in Walmart are what makes up most of my story's support cast.

I think that is a fair assessment.

I notice there are stories about wizards and cyborgs, there are short stroke stories etc that get 60,000 views and they just started posting them a month ago.

I realize that my story gets only a few hundred views every time I update it. I tend to wonder if I have a reputation as a horrible author and that is why people don't click or if the story codes scare them off.

The people who do seem to really enjoy the story are very loyal and so while I may not get mainstream acceptance here - you would not like a story by me about wizards and time travel anyway. That is not my forte'


I am really excited about Hard Times and where it is going. I will not give you any spoilers, but I like to zig in the story when the reader things I will zag.

I want you to never be able to easily predict where the story is headed. The only prediction I can give you at this time is that the characters should evolve and grow over time as the story continues to surprise and entertain.

Having said that I would be curious where you think the story is going? What you would like to see happen? A character you might like me to introduce?

One thing I do is keep open and just scan through the people to give me a few ideas. It can make writing difficult at times because I think what may seem implausible at first - you realize someone woke up and CHOSE to dress that way and then go out in public like that. This is not a one time thing - this is how they are all the time.

If you identify with the story - perhaps send a short synopsis of your own summers with your cousins and the games you played.

Any encouragement is appreciated/Constructive Feedback.

Thank you.