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U.S. Opens Live Now

October 4, 2013
Posted at 1:25 pm
Updated: October 4, 2013 - 10:02 pm

I have had my head buried in a couple of very good reads as I attempt to finalize a client edit and put together my end-of-quarter financials for my business. Haven't updated any blogs in a week or more. Mea Culpa.

First off, if you are a fan of the Model Student series and read "The Prodigal" then you should know that this week is the U.S. Open Racquetball Championship being played in Minneapolis. After his disaster at the World Games, Tony elected not to compete this year. That was a good thing as he was picking up the pieces of his broken relationship with Kate and trying to present his concept for his final project. Nonetheless, I'm betting that he and Lissa and a number of others were watching the games this week.

Many games (at least the Pros) are being broadcast on the IRT network.

In my life, there has been a lot lying by the pool while I edit a manuscript, soaking in a hot tub, drinking wine, and even occasionally smoking a cigar. When I read about the disasters that have befallen Jay Cantrell and Phil Brown over the past few weeks, I feel pretty fortunate. I've nearly finished the story "The Props Master 1: Ritual Reality" and am looking forward to starting new one soon. In the meantime, I've also drafted a couple of short story adventures related to my trip. I haven't been writing those as frequently as I thought I might, so I won't start posting them until around the first of the year, I suppose.

Well, I believe that about catches things up from sunny Palm Springs. The government shutdown has adversely affected my plans to visit Joshua Tree and the Grand Canyon. I may be wandering around lost in southern Arizona next week!