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More on New Arcadia

October 3, 2013
Posted at 4:36 pm

As far as I know right now, the story is concluded. I've had some interesting reader responses to it, and some of their suggestions may lead to further episodes. And I may come up with a few plot lines of my own.

That's one reason I submitted the segments as separate stories, rather than chapters of a single story. Another reason was to satisfy some personal curiosity as to how people rated the content of the individual chapters. In a conversation I recently had with Athalia, my editor, she commented on how one of her installments of "The Glass Balls" rated lower in the polls than the others. The only real difference was it included some gay sex. Was it because of that that the episode didn't do as well? I got to wondering about that, so I put some gay sex into one episode of this series, just to see if the ratings were appreciably lower. So far, they aren't.

In the present series, one reader liked Chapter 4, but was put off by that male/male content (which consisted of George and a boy being masturbated by a female trainer who allowed them to masturbate each other to a climax). There was a reason for this: the trainer was evaluating George's ability to open his mind to various aspects of his sexuality. The experience played an important part in the next episode, where the trainer accepts George as a protege Guide, a position which is only open to those who wish to explore the limits of their sexual universe. It wasn't necessary for George to become bisexual; it was only necessary for him to give it a taste and see what it was like. That's what New Arcadia is all about. Similarly, George's fiancee Louise explores homosexual love with that same trainer and discovers her bisexuality.