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Hard Times and Family Feud

October 2, 2013
Posted at 5:56 pm

I have just finished Family Feud IV

I loved those characters. Not just the main characters but many of the recurring ones that popped up.

I have very few fans to my stories - but the ones who write to me seem very dedicated and passionate about the story. I think that is how I like it.

There was no great joy when I put an ending on the story. I think the characters had risen and fallen and found they were okay with the path they took - it seemed like a place to close the book on them.

Will there be a Family Feud V? At the moment - I do not think so. I think I told their story. I do periodically imagine them 5-8 years down the road and what life might be like for them.

Jamie visiting her parent's house with her new grandkids and spending time on the patio reminiscing with her mother about their past adventures springs to mind.

I am always open to constructive feedback and ideas.

I also love when some one writes 'fan fiction' with existing characters. I did set up a Universe/World on this site so you can attach your story to the world of the Taylors. I have a "Companion" chapter attached to FFIV that also acts as an encyclopedia of people and events in the story.

(That was written for my benefit initially to help me keep track of important details).

Please feel free and with my blessing to take a secondary character or the main characters and tell your own story!

My next project is set in the same "World" as Family Feud.

I started this story a long time ago. It was originally supposed to be a collaboration with a friend and mentor of mine. I set it aside when I became focused on the FF series.

It is about a girl named Ellen from the same suburbs that the Taylors live in. Her family loses everything (in this economy) and ends up moving in her with Aunt and Cousins in a trailer park.

The girl has an education of a lifetime on the wrong side of the tracks.

I grew up in a place like that so many of the scenes, sights, smells and people are very familiar to me. That makes it easy to describe. If you've never been to one you can also check out people of walmart dot com or go TO a walmart and just look around. You'll start to get an idea of the people who populate the Buckman Acres Trailer Park.

If you read the first six chapters when they were posted I encourage you to give it another try. I went back and added some elaboration. I think I have become a better writer through FF and it was worth it to me first to go through and really do a good job on re-writing the first six chapters rather than continuing.

I also took the story in another direction in chapter six than I had originally done.

Usually when I write I create characters and think up a situation and then just start writing. I may have a general idea of where they will end up but I play out the story as I go. The re-write took it in what I think is a much more exciting direction.

Chapter Seven is all new.