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Busy week for Crisis

September 29, 2013
Posted at 11:28 pm

Well, I got to posting and 4 new chapters have gone up in a week. I already have several more edited, and will post them several times a week as I get closer to the ending with the writing. It's not quite done, but its a lot closer than it was.

This is already at 50 chapters, the longest story I've ever posted. In Word I'm at 210,000 words. Peril was 40 chapters and only 165,000 words.

I am striving hard to finish soon.

First, everyone who has waited patiently and not so patiently for me to finish deserves to read an ending to this tale.

Second, because as long as it is unfinished I'll have a harder the concentrating on the 1000+ other stories bouncing around in my brain. Many of these I hope to self publish, if I can actually complete a story and then get a cover created. It's easy to say, not so easy to accomplish.

I can promise at least 4 more chapters before October 4. If all goes well, I might be ready to post the ending.