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Baby-doll nighties.

September 26, 2013
Posted at 8:33 pm

Is it a cultural thing again? Every other story I read, that's been penned by my colonial cousins, seems to hold up the baby-doll nightie as the epitome of female sexuality. I don't see it myself, to my mind, a much sexier nightie would be a silk, or a satin one, that clings and shapes itself to the body of the wearer, emphasising the parts it touches, and tantalising with the parts it doesn't. I would even prefer nudity by my partner to a baby-doll, which seems to me to be a pretty adolescent type of nightwear that I don't find sexy at all. Clean and naked is far sexier!

Is this something to do with the fact that American women are always portrayed wearing knickers, and even brassieres, under their night clothes? Even the men are portrayed sleeping in boxer shorts, or even boxers and sweatpants! (Just out of interest, when do they put clean underwear on? Before they go to bed? When they get up? Or both?)

I ask these questions out of sheer bewilderment! I've not worn nightclothes to bed since I grew my own, just showered regularly, once or twice a day, and changed the sheets weekly. It's been much the same for many of my friends and lovers too (though my lovers didn't 'grow their own' few of the female gender are as hirsute as me! :o)).

Is this something to do with the strange dichotomy of a country that is overtly very religious, often to the point of zealotry, but seems to allow people to kill each other almost with impunity (Four times as many murders per 100,000 of the population in 2011 as the UK), and invent perversions I can't stomach, even as fantasy? Do they crave that adolescent look? Does the intimation of under age sex make it more enticing?

Help me out here people!