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Chapter 147

September 24, 2013
Posted at 4:12 pm

Well, 146 proved pretty popular. A common comment was that it was too bad a real President couldn't give an interview like that. Well, as I mentioned early on, the character traits necessary to become President are precisely the traits least useful in being President. By the time a politician actually gets to that point he and his entire family are highly trained professionals, portraying something quite bland and insipid, without any spontaneity or real feeling.

Then again, every once in awhile, something different happens. Jerry Ford had never really intended to run for President, but Nixon plucked him out of Congress to replace Agnew. He and his family were surprisingly open to the public. Betty Ford admitted to being an alcoholic, and that she had gotten a mastectomy. They also admitted that when they moved into the White House they had moved out the separate beds that Richard and Pat Nixon had used, and they shared a bed. She had been a dancer and model prior to her first marriage, which ended in divorce. She also made comments on her children's possible use of marijuana and pre-marital sex. In 1974 this was all rather scandalous!

On a separate note, I am looking for a little assistance from my loyal readers. If you are a lawyer familiar with family law, send me a note. I have a couple of chapters I need to vet. Thanks.