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Your responses to Why, why, why?

September 23, 2013
Posted at 5:26 pm

Once again I must offer my thanks to my SOL family for responding to the questions in my previous blog entry so quickly and so thoroughly. And, once again, I have learned something valuable from my readers.

Without going into minutiae, there was one thing I didn't know (Which Lazeez informed me of, bless his heart) and one thing I forgot to take into account. That was that there are a whole lot of readers who wait until the whole story is posted before they read it. I knew they were out there, but not in the numbers they appear to be out there in, and I just sort of assumed they wouldn't read the foreword to a new book either. Turns out that's not true. I don't understand that, but it was made obvious to me.

That said, the rest of you were delightfully honest with me about what you did not like in that foreword, and the parts of the story you did read. Some of that I will just have to live with, and that's fine. But other things could be addressed.

I did that. I rewrote the whole foreword and reposted that part of the story. It is (I hope) more clear about the "heads up" I feel the readers deserve, and better descriptive of what one might find as he reads on.

I've always known my weaknesses are titles and teasers. Now I'll pay more attention to my forewords too. <G>

Thanks for all the help, all of you.

And for those of you who sampled this and just didn't like it ... maybe next time. I doubt I'll write a whole lot more like this one. <G>

Thanks for reading.