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Why, why, why???

September 22, 2013
Posted at 7:19 pm

I know that, by now, you nice folks at SOL are used to the idea that Lubrican says some weird things, and asks some crazy questions in his blog.

Okay, so then this question will fit right in. It is to those of you who did NOT read the ongoing saga of Penelope, in her manor.

By that, I mean there are, according to the chapter statistics, roughly two thousand of you who read the Foreword to the book and then did not go on to chapter one.


I really mean this. A lot of people skip over the foreword to a book, and dive right in. I know for a fact that this happened with this book.

But a whole bunch of you took a look at the foreword and said "Okay! I'm out of here!"

What I'd really like to know is: What was it in the foreword that made you come to that conclusion? I'm not whining about you not reading the book. That's fine. I just want to know what it was in the foreword that caused you to make that decision.

Now, some of you may say "Not whining, my ass! I know a whiny author when I hear one."

Well, it's like this. That foreword bothered me. It bothered me when I wrote it, because I thought it might sound a little harsh. So I asked a bunch of the people who sent me feedback what they thought about it. Specifically, I asked them "Was the foreword helpful? Was it too much, not enough, or not needed at all?"

And the responses I got were: 25% "What foreword?" 65% "I don't think this story is what you said it was going to be at all!; and 10% "Thanks for replying to my feedback! When is the next chapter coming out?"

You see, I said in that foreword that there was no plot to this story. Actually I said I cobbled together a plot around the sex in the story. I am now being told that that's not true at all.

Authors are always the last to know. Especially authors like me. I just write stories. I don't have a master plan for where I'll be in five years, or any of that stuff. I just write whatever my muse whispers into my ear.

And I knew that this story was different, somehow, than what I had written before. But I might not have been as good about articulating that difference than I was at writing the book.

So if I made a serious mistake in that foreword, and scared a bunch of people away for the wrong reasons, I need to know, so maybe I won't do that again in the future.

Then again, four more thousand people read chapters one through three than have gone on with the book, so maybe it really is a turkey after all.

And if that's the case, that's fine. I just want to know if I made a mistake in the foreword.

And the only way I can know that is if you read it and decided not to go on with the book.

Please do not think I am making a list of people who don't like me, so I can get revenge. I'm not into revenge. You can send me anonymous email, and I won't even know who you are. But, I can't respond to anonymous email, which will make me unhappy, because I like to acknowledge people when they take the time to do something nice for me. But you can tell me you hate me and I won't go postal on you.

So please help make porn better by answering my question. It's only two thousand of you, and it will only take a minute. You don't even have to go back to the story. I think my author page has the email feedback link on it. And if not, just send an email to

Thanks very much,