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Yeah...I know. Changes.

September 22, 2013
Posted at 9:30 am

I've been getting complaint about my literacy. My 's bother the hell out of some. Can't help it...it's how I was taught. There used to be the 'S as a contraction for it is...but there was also a S' to show possession. (I went to school a long time ago.) But when I went to University at the age of 44, my creative writing professors marked me down for S'. "We don't do that any more 'S is used for both... contraction and possession." So...if it's something that is mine...as in characters...it's 'S.

Go ahead...bitch. I lost a half a grade doing it the old way.

As for my spoken...I write like friends talk...not like a person doing a presentation. They're...not they are. If you're talking and there's a bunch you say 'there's' event hough you really mean there are. It's how people talk.

There are words...like friends...where convention has eliminated the apostrophe...that's great and I use them...but mostly I write like I talk.