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Chapter 145

September 17, 2013
Posted at 3:36 pm

An interesting thing I learned. It seems that using the phrase Pakis to reference Pakistanis is extremely rude, and in Britain is considered similar to the N-word. I never knew that, and certainly did not mean to insult any Pakistani or British readers, of whom there are several. Sheer ignorance, folks. I won't use it again in the blog, and I changed the one place in Chapter 142 I found it.

I also updated a few chapters with some typos that readers found while rereading the story.

Anyway, I am back in production for a bit. I will probably be able to put up another half dozen chapters in the next few weeks, maybe more. Most of the time I will have a book written before I begin publishing, but this one is a story in process. I will probably be taking some more breaks. I am currently up to about late 2006, Chapter 166 or so. That chapter I already know needs a major rewrite, so I will be working on that. In any case, I am back, so let's see what trouble Carl gets into in the future.