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Book IV completed

September 17, 2013
Posted at 2:00 pm

First things first. My thanks to all those who have read the book, and indeed those of you who have stuck by Dewey from Book I (we few, we happy few, we band of brothers). I know I must have lost a few on the way, probably those who don't like factual errors. Well, I'll put my hands up to the following;

There is no direct rail link from Darlington to Catterick Camp --there used to be until 1967, or thereabouts. There is no unit in the British Army known as ERB, well not since 1800. There may be a recruiting office in Reading, but any similarities of members in my ARO to members of any military recruiting office currently in Reading is simply a coincidence. There is an East Coast rail line, but as far as I'm aware there is no 125 Club, but perhaps there should be. Dogging is an old British custom, and there will be a local club in most UK towns. There may, or not, have been British troops in Afghanistan in 2001, but I doubt they would have been at Khanabad, and certainly not under the direct command of Tommy Franks.
There is no Aldershot Bus Company; Salisbury Royal Infirmary; Aldershot General Hospital; Salisbury College of Further Education, although they might have existed in the past (pre 1980), but probably didn't exist in 1994/5.There is not, and probably never has been, a 4th and 5th Battalion of the Wessex Regiment, although I know that there used to be a 1st and 2nd Battalion.
The rivalry, which is too weak a word to describe the state of affairs between West Ham and Millwall football fans is as described in the story, and can be traced back to events as given in the book.

Book V of Over the Hills and Faraway is part written, but will need a large amount of work to complete, and in fact I haven't yet made up my mind how it will proceed. I still intend writing a third instalment of Poacher's Progress, and as that series has a much greater readership than OTH I'm minded to make that my next project.

For the moment I shall rest on my arms (reversed), and contemplate my next move. It may sound daft, and a bit twee, but I find posting a story extremely nerve- racking and wearing as I wonder what howler /bloomer of a mistake I have made ,and if I've dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's, although I do spend an inordinate amount of time checking.
I soon find out if I've made any glaring errors, or even minor ones.

Jack G