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Late Summer

September 15, 2013
Posted at 12:11 pm

Dorable has been hanging around a bit more frequently of late. Posting has picked up because the creative juice has been flowing.

I like the give and take going on in Community and poor ol' Stoney's being railroaded, crippled an all that, into being a more active participant in Johanna's world of music.

As always, I read your comments and mull over the many ideas that you guys send me. I appreciate them.

I suppose I should note that I have plans to clean up the editing on some of my stories and put them out as e-books. I have no notion as to whether such things would sell, but it's been a year since I received a dime for writing (I've ghost-written three stories) and I need to feed my ego. And maybe my wallet, although I doubt that Cindy will rival Harry Potter.