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Question: Repost? Y or N?

September 12, 2013
Posted at 5:53 pm

OK, I'm well into the second book of the Catalyst series, and I need to know. My numbers are down, the comments are less numerous, and I sense a dissatisfaction. I haven't asked it before, because I wanted to see how it played out, but: was the repost worth it?

As I explained previously, I started the revision to buy me some time to finish Book 6, "Building a Legacy". It allowed me to do that, but it was late getting edited, because my current editors hadn't read the story yet, so they had to edit the entire series sequentially.

My options are to continue posting, since there are quite a few people enjoying it, speed up the postings (as I've done), or simply give it up, post everything online at once and be done with it. However, Book 6 is only partially edited, and I wouldn't mind the time to start writing Book 3 of "Great Death". So would you prefer everything now, or have me disappear for several months while I work on books?