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OK, where the heck are you readers coming from?

September 11, 2013
Posted at 10:31 pm


6200 readers.

What the hell?

One person wrote to say there's not too much interesting on the site at the moment. Possibly. I couldn't say, as I don't read too much here, although the one story I started did fizzle for me. If it's just that it took being starved for entertainment for you to check out one of my tales... well, OK. I'm sure the subject matter is also an issue, as few are looking at my other stories (and the most read is Knight Takes Princess, which I'm sure you all thought was about an actual knight and princess ^_^)

Whatever. Welcome. I'll continue to try and get two good chapters out to you a week, although things will come up. Fair warning, I prefer to break stories up into smaller chunks. This will NOT be a 100 chapter epic. I hate those, and have no plans on writing one. The current tale has an ending that is also a beginning, if I choose to continue things, but should satisfy on its own. If it doesn't... well, there's not much I can do about that. I fully expect to fall back to the 1-2,000 SOL and 2-3,000 ASSTR audience I'm used to.

The next chapter will probably have some naughty parts. We'll see if that drives all these new readers away.