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A Fond Farewell to Tony

September 7, 2013
Posted at 10:52 pm

Yeah. The last chapter of The Prodigal posts Monday evening. Tony, Melody, Lissa, Kate, and Wendy have been keeping me up nights for a year and a half. Like some of you, I'm going to miss them a lot. And believe me, these girls have been in my mind and bed for that whole time. I can't think of anyone else I've fantasized about.

But it's really time. I don't want to let these lovely people get stale. It's time to move on to a new cast and crew, and I will do that on the 23rd if September, provided that Old Rotorhead and I can agree that we're on schedule to post twice a week. I'm pretty confident. I hope you'll enjoy the antics of Wayne, Judith, Rebecca, and--wait! Another Lissa? It's too late now. There's meaning in the name and she's stuck with it.

Wayne is just an ordinary junior in a small college in Indianapolis who is sucked into a magical initiation by three witches, each of which assumes the other is neglecting her training duties. And did I mention Wayne's uncle? It seems he has a few occult secrets as well. Each of the three witches attempts to conceal what she is teaching him, causing him to have the most interesting dreams. Oh, making love was powerful, but was it real or was it Memorex?

It's the discovery that Wayne, the props master for the college theatre, is a magical toolmaker that propels him into the heart of a power struggle in one of the West's oldest covens, gathering at an ancient stone circle in England. But can three good witches and a novice out-maneuver a wicked witch? Especially if the novice doesn't know he's a witch and the wicked witch is possessed?

I may not have mentioned that the whole story takes place during the fall of 1968 through the summer of 1969. Get your playlist of 60s tunes ready as you read this occult fantasy.

Look, Louie Louie, maybe I Can't Get No Satisfaction, but Don't Lose That Lovin' Feelin' because She Loves You (yeah, yeah, yeah). I Saw Her Standing There, All Along the Watchtowers in The House of the Rising Sun. But I Was Born to be Wild and she had A Ticket to Ride, so now all that's left are The Tracks of My Tears.

Well, you get the idea. When you finish reading The Prodigal, don't forget to catch the last interview at Triptych Interviews. Then relax for two weeks and we'll be at it again!