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A New Old Watch Explained: Chapter 13

September 4, 2013
Posted at 8:05 am

I had a dream....There was this Rolls Royce in a barn and I bought it for some idiotic amount of money. It was raining and I was trying to drive it home. Retracing my path, I was blocked by high water so I turned around.

Driving past the barn where I bought the car I saw the original owner laughing...Ominous, I thought.

Several miles down the road I ran into high water...again. I stopped the car...shut off the motor, set the hand brake and got out to see how deep the water was. I could see the concrete posts for the guardrail and figured I could make it It couldn't be that deep...right?

I walked around the back of the car and just laid my hand on the trunk lid...and it rolled forward and into the water. I don't mind telling you I was shocked when the car kept going...deeper and deeper...until it disappeared.

I can make a story out of this, I thought...