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A Leader Born, and... t-shirts?

September 1, 2013
Posted at 7:50 pm

Well, I didn't expect to get off to this good a start.

The first chapter is up to 2700 readers in three days, a record for a first chapter. Obviously, something in the description clicked. Now we just have to see if you all like where I'm going with it. No promises.

I had an idea today. A silly one. Nobody is interested in epub or actual printed books, and only three are sponsoring my writing over on (a huge thanks to them). With the holiday season coming up... would anyone be interested in Cafe Press Invid Fan t-shirts? Obviously, they're expensive, and most of the money goes to them, but it would be fun. I have some ideas:

"I Blame Something Quantum"

"Squirrels: Annoying in any Universe" [I can put the photo from The Magic of Bells on this one]

"I [heart] Four Eyed Malay Speaking Alien Monkey Girls"

"Tip a Canoe, And Taylor Too!"

"From the Aether Comes Life, and Love"

"The Universe is Sillier Than You Think"

It costs nothing for me to set this up, just time, and future crushing disappointment if nobody buys anything :) If anyone is interested, and/or has quotes they'd like to buy on a shirt or mug, let me know. I don't want to use any art from The Waifs on anything, as while I own the rights to them I'm not in contact with the artist and it wouldn't feel right.